[Equipment Configurations] Cat5 / Hdmi Connections

Hoping some of you experts on here can help.

Currently using a Matrox digital box to send to projector and foldback tv via vga cables and using vga converters between Matrox and cables.

Have discovered there is is cat5 cabling in place not currently being used. It is a fairly large building about 40/50M. Would there be any improvement by using the cat5 cables and what would we need to get it to work. Is it hdmi extenders and is there a particular brand that can be recommended. There seems to be a huge variation in prices.
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Hi kbfanclub,

we extensively use Video over CAT5e for the video setup in our church. We use a NTI Votex unit (VGA) for driving four foldback displays plus monitor and a Gefen DVI Splitter/Extender for the projector and monitor. But you can purchase HDMI versions also. Using Cat5 means each display needs a separate receiver unit but the transmitting unit can be up to 16 or more outputs which I'm sure you won't need. See the url below which is in the UK but the units are available worldwide.

http://www.itm-components.co.uk/nti_vid ... nders.html