[Equipment Configurations] options change with different computer

Our original computer did not work with Easy Worship6. Although it looked like it met minimuns it is too old. Until we get a new computer we have been borrowing computers. The difficulty here is that each computer you have to change options for presenting. We normally connect the computer to the projector through an HDMI. On the one computer it will display a copy/mirror of the desktop on the projected screen, but I can't get the display to extend. I tried changed options and various other things.
As I try options and go back into the option menu I get an access violation. 008A69B2, 008A69C7 and 008A6D1D
I restarted Easy Worship and the computer. finally I went back to the old VGA (15pin) cord to connect. I can get the display to extend this way, but I will need to change the dimensions.
Any suggestions?
Any ideas on the access violation?
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First make sure that you are running the most current version of EW6 which you can download from the main website. It should be build 3.1. Second you will need to make sure that which ever machine you are using had the most updated drivers for the video card that is in the machine and that the machine meets the minimum requirements. If it is giving an access violation when trying to extend the desktops using the hdmi I would check the driver date on the video card.