[Equipment Configurations] Powerpoint presentations lack fidelity

I'm a very frustrated user. I have EW2007 and have had numerous problems. I have ordered and installed EW6 in the hope that the latest release would solve my issues. Then I discovered that my hardware did not meet the minimum standards for EW6. So I have installed a new machine that meets the requirements. This machine is a brand new Dell with an Intel i5 3.4 Ghz processor, 8 GB ram, and a nVidia GeForce GTX 745 4GB DDR3 video card. I am unable to import a .PPTX file and display it. It imports fine and shows correctly in the preview pane. But the display shows a black screen. I've tried several resolutions on monitor 2. I've tried changing the option to use the Powerpoint viewer vs. the full Powerpoint. Nothing works.

This machine runs Windows 8.1 with all updates applied. I run Office 2013 with all updates applied.

I've been working on this problem for a month and have now spent the money to buy a supported machine. I've paid for the EW6 upgrade. I need this to work correctly, easily and reliably very soon.

Here are the options that I see:
1. Fix EW6 quickly. This is my preferred option.
2. I decided to upgrade directly from EW2007 to EW6 skipping 2009. But since EW6 does not work reliably, I feel I'm entitled to a free copy of EW2009 if it is better than EW6 currently.
3. Abandon EasyWorship and look at the competition. (This is my option of last resort.)

Please. I need EW6 to work well now. This is a severe problem for me. Please contact me at mkentburel@gmail.com so that we can work together to diagnose and resolve my problems.

Thanks for your help.

We'll be releasing an update soon, but the following instructions may also help.
If you call us, we'll give you a license for 2009 to use until the problems with 6 are resolved.

1. Close the EasyWorship program.
2. Right click on the EasyWorship icon on the desktop or on the start page.
3. Click open file location.
4. Right click the EasyWorship application file or .exe file.
5. Click properties.
6. Click on the compatibility tab.
7. Click change settings for all users
8. Select Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.
9. Click OK.
Thank you for your reply.

This is a major breakthrough. I implemented the changes you recommended for both EW6 and EW2007 and they both work much, much better. This morning is the first time since I came 8 months ago that EasyWorship has been easy. I'm really encouraged that now we're on our way. Thank you for your help.
When I try the application specific DPI setting on EW6 I still have the display anomalies in the UI (truncation and crowding) and presentation (unaligned text and inconsistencies in shadows). If I use Control Panel -> Display -> 100% then these problems go away.

I didn't have the problems with EW2009, it has worked fine with 125% scaling. It works with 100% as well.
Right click the EasyWorship application file or .exe file???
These instructions are outdated with the release of EasyWorship 6.2. Yo do not need to compensate for DPI with the latest build of EasyWorship 6.