[Equipment Configurations] System Requirement for New Version

We are looking to get a new laptop to run EW. I thought that before we bought one we should ask about the system requirements for the new version. I am cool with it not being out yet but could you tell me if the system specs will change, if you know? Thanks.

When we have both a mac and pc version available, the schedules will be able to used on either operating system.
Hi, Rodger. I'm really looking forward to Easyworship 6. We are now upgrading our machine and I wonder if you could give me your opinion on whether these will do for HD motions and videos. Thanks in advance!

Dell Vostro
3.0GHz i7
SATA 500gb
Nvidia GT740M 2GB

Asus Ultrabook
2.0GHz i7
1 TB + 24GB SSD
NVIDIA Geforce GT740M

I have an HP Pav Dv7
Intel core i5 CPU M460 2.53 ghz
installed mem 4g
64 bit oper sys
ati radion hd5470 512 mb
intel hd graphics 1.68 gc

Will this work? We have already purchased the upgrade and having problems with "Not Responding" while running the software.

Has anyone tried running this software on a Microsoft Surface tablet?

If this isn't going t work, how do I revert back to the prior verion of easy worship 9?
The rest of the system should be ok to handle EasyWorship 6, but it may not run great.
The specs for the new version are higher than the old version.
It should be able to handle basic use.
The ATI 5470 is a fairly low end video card.
Right now we are seeing delay issues with ATI and AMD graphics cards.
Our developers are looking into the cause.
We have just upgraded to Easy Worship 6 and need to purchase a new computer. Are there any computer models that you would recommend for either a desktop or laptop. We would need three outputs. Thank you,
We really don't recommend specific models because they change so often. You just need a computer with the NVIDIA GTX graphics cards that support three or four displays. You may also need to get adapters if you are using all vga connections.