[iOS Remote] EasyWorship under Parallels and IOS Remote

I'm running EasyWorship in Parallels on my Mac which works great. Normally I use this to prepare schedules for use on our church laptop during services. However a the moment I'm using it to overlay liturgy etc on video with OBS.

I'd like an easy way to control EasyWorship and have tried to get a presenter remote to work but can't get that working so I thought I'd try the IOS Remote app. However the app fails to connect and can't find the server.

I've deleted and reinstalled Bonjour and also set the app to be allowed through the firewall. I'm on the same network (my iMac is connected to the same network via ethernet).

Any other ideas how to get the app to work under parallels?

Thanks for any hints.
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Parallels is not a supported OS so it may not work.