[v7 General Discussion] Add campus license fails - Covid 19 subscription?

We just bought the campus license for EW7. We used to use EW6 but we need NDI --> Upgrade. After installing EW7 it recognized our account and we got like 7 days free use or something? When looking at Help --> Register it says this:


I cannot add my license file from my easyworship account page on the EW website? It fails because it doesn't recognize my organization? In my profile page it confirms we bought the campus license...

In my account it looks like i have two subscriptions:


Maybe i have to wait two days until the current subscription [b]'Easyworship and COVID-19'[/b] ends?

Your best option in this case is to call them on the Phone or send them an e-mail. Calling them would probably be better. They would need information that you can't post in the forum anyway due to privacy concerns.
You can contact us and we can correct this.