[v7 General Discussion] PowerPoint fun


I am sure your tech team rememebrs me, i spent a couple of hours getting PowerPoint to work on my Easyworship, at the end doing a complete rebuild of all the software etc.

I have now hit another quite interesting problem. When I go to load in a powerpoint, the preview slides show up, but it is till greyed out in the schedule. I have found that if I turn on powerpoint viewer, and stop the Easyworship helper, it will load it in, the first time. Sometimes. If I delete it, and want to put it back in after making changes, it won't go back in, until change the name,and sotop and start helper, and the poewrpoint viewer option. It is getting quite hard to actually just drop in a powerpoint. I am guessing that somewhere microsloth have changed further coding to make it more tricky, but is there something I can do to have this operate effectively?