[v7 General Discussion] Custom NDI Resolution???

Hello Awesome Guys!

I am working with vMix via EW NDI and would want to restrain scriptures to the space allocated on a lower third titler.

However, I see the only way to get this done is to have the ability to input a custom resolution (in my case 1432px X 254px) so the Bible text can be constrained in that space ... Else when the scripture is more than the space can take, instead of breaking in a limited space, it goes over the desired limits because it has the space to.

Any ideas how to get by the NDI custom resolution issue I'm having? :wink:

Thank you!

Hmmm! That is one very long Bible text and I can see your problem. There are a few like that in Esther.

I have just opened up EW and that text. I suggest you break the text into the three sentences it has already. It is not really feasible to do that "on the fly" though.

I just placed the text into the schedule then right clicked on it then clicked on Edit Item. at the end of the first sentence I placed the cursor after the word "dictated" and pressed CNRTL Enter which breaks the text into now segments. I then did that again further down the text to make three segments.

Now they each would fit easily onto you lower third in vMix - as long as the EW textbox was placed to match.

Of course, you would need to do this prior to the service as I cannot see a person doing this quickly enough, live.

You should be able to set yourself a default Scripture Theme in EW. Set the text in the textbox to "Resize Text to fit Element. This should ensure that no matter what the length of the text is, it will always fit into the text box. Problem here though is that text will vary in size depending and how much text is in each Bible verse - and the Bible text may be too small for people to easily read.
I'm gonna second this request, although for a slightly different reason than the OP is specifying. It would be great as a way to "cheat" the ability to do lower thirds in OBS (and presumably vMix, etc.) by setting the NDI resolution to something like 1280x960, or 4:3 @720p. This would allow one to position a 16:9 portion of the frame in the scene (which could also be fed to the projector, at least in OBS) while also leaving 240 pixels across either the top or bottom that can be cropped down and used for whatever visuals one wants to in the stream. I feel like this would be a significantly easier solution that the "multiple NDI outputs" request being thrown around, and by FAR more operator-friendly than suggesting one uses multiple PCs just to handle one venue.