[v7 General Discussion] Presentations do not save

We jumped from EW 2009 to 7.

I spent last evening trying to update myself on the new interface and get our database up to date for our song services. I watched a lot of tutorials and went through some step by step with my computer in front of me.

Two times, I made an announcement presentation and both times after hitting "ok" it just disappeared. It was not in the presentation ... window (the lower right where individual things are listed like song titles etc... I don't remember the technical name for the window/location). In fact, that area is completely blank. No presets, themes, nothing. It still is. After 2 presentation creations.

I can make new song slides. They seem to save and go in the song list.

The second time I made the presentation, I followed the tutorial step by step and at the end "Dan" clicked "ok" and the presentation he created appeared in the window down on the right and he was able to recall it and use it in a schedule. I clicked "ok" and poof, it was gone.

Any ideas??

Thank you,

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Did you give it a name?