[v7 General Discussion] Audio Attachment to Song Issue

Windows 10

EW version: 7.1.40 (on both computers)


I have created a nine-page Song with one background image for all of the slides (the background image was applied using the Inspector while editing the Song).

After I added the Song to the scheduler, I then added the Audio file on top of that scheduled item. When I "Go Live", the song starts playing, which is great. However, by the time I get to the third slide in that scheduled item, the song starts over--a real problem.

I recreated this using EW7 on my own system (same version, same OS) and didn't have any problems running through the scheduled item. What's even more interesting is that there are player elements MISSING while that scheduled item is Live; there are no audio controls in either the Preview or Live windows on the first computer. Meaning, I do not see any audio player controls (using the same "View" on both systems). Everything was fine when I tested on my local computer running the same version, settings, etc.

The Audio Properties are the same on both computers:

Media usage: Auto

Repeating: one time through

The other method I've tried adding sound was editing the Song and adding the Audio file to the Media section. However, this produces NO sound when it sent to live (yes, I made sure that it was not muted and it was to Autoplay). Very queer. Again, this is only on the first computer.

We never had this issue before. Just last weekend we were successful in adding a background video to a Song and added the Audio on top of it. Played flawlessly when scrolling through the verses.

Any suggestions?
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If the song has been edited previously and an audio file was added to it, it could be messed up. Edit the song in the database and click on each slide and make sure there is not an audio file attached to any slide in the song. Then you can go to the Master tab and add your audio file. Make sure the audio file is set as a background and not a foreground. If it's set as a foreground element, it will restart on each slide. Also, when set as a background so that it will play across slides, you won't have any player controls for it. You will only have player controls for an audio file when it's set as a foreground element.

Alternatively, you can edit your song in the schedule (the one that's giving you issues) and open the Inspector and select the audio file on each slide and make sure they are all set as a background. I'm guessing since it's restarting on the third slide, it's set as a foreground element on that slide, so it starts at the beginning.