[v7 General Discussion] Problem with registration

I was loading EW7 onto a church Laptop today and everything went well until I tried to register it and all I got was a message saying "cannot contact the server" (or something similar).

I managed to register using the "I don't have internet access" method - using the same laptop to log onto my EW account and create the registration file, so clearly the Laptop does have internet access.

All now sorted - except that I now get the same message when trying to download the Bible translations we have paid for.

Anyone any idea what I'm doing wrong or is this an EW bug?

It happened to me once, but it's strange, it went away after I restarted my laptop. I wonder what caused it in the first place...
This is something we would need to trouble shoot with you via the ticketing system. You can submit one here https://support.easyworship.com/support/tickets/new] Click Here