[v7 General Discussion] Video playback stuttering - high end laptop

Guys - been asked to provide support for a serice outside our usual building - so running Easyworship on my laptop.

However - when playing back videos - the picture is jerky/stutters.

I know the preference is to have a dedicated video card - but this is quite a high end laptop. HP Spectre 360 with Gen 8 i7 8550U and oodles of RAM/SSD. Graphics is by the UHD Graphics 620.

What is fustrating is that all the videos play incredibly smoothly (including 4k) in VLC etc. And I sometimes use this laptop for OBS streaming and I can handle multiple 1080 video streams in and out the laptop.

I've reinstalled the K-Lite codec pack.

Anything you'd suggest? Somehow trying to make the CPU do the decoding rather than the 620?

In the mean time, I've configured VLC to auto launch full screen in display output to run my videos.

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