[v7 General Discussion] EW7 upgrade price

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Seeking some clarification please. We own EW 2009 and will like to "upgrade" to EW7. Do we have to pay 399 for the "upgrade" ? no discount for previous users? and also, It seems as if for that price, we can only have EW7 on "one (1)" computer "only".. is that true?


Upgrade pricing was offered when version 7 was released. The upgrade pricing has expired. You can purchase a one time purchase single projector license for $399 a one time purchase Campus license for $499. You can purchase a subscription for as cheap as $180 a year, depending on the church size. The subscription comes with a campus license, support and other perks.
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So to be clear, if we upgrade for the 399.00 / one projector, how many laptops can we load EW7 on?

You can install it on more than one, but only one computer can be used to project. So you can use it at home to build a service, then load the schedule on the projection computer to present it.
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That is what I was hoping for...ok thank you.
Hello I am from Argentina and I want to know of the price is in US dolar or pesos argentinos?
US Dollars.