[v7 General Discussion] Skip slide in presentation?

I am trying to make a presentation that will show one slide for 10 minutes. It will then auto advance to the remaining slides automatically but skip the 10 minute slide when it loops back around. I can make the first slide a separate presentation and manually advance to the looping presentation but we are usually busy at the time it is scheduled to switch. That is why I am trying to figure out how to advance automatically without including that slide every time it loops.

I appreciate any assistance you can give.

I don't believe there is any way to do this in an EW presentation. There may be some advanced setting in PowerPoint to do this, perhaps you could try using that.
I'm pretty sure this can't be done in EasyWorship or PowerPoint.
One thought and that is to use the remote facility from your phone. You would still need to change presentation manually but you would not need to be at the computer to do it.
I was afraid this might be the answer. How would I go about making a suggestion for future updates along the lines of letting you chose which slide a looping presentation jumps back to after the final slide?
You can submit feature requests here