[v7 General Discussion] ESV Bible

We have recently inducted our new pastor who uses the English Standard Version of the Bible, so we purchased it for EW only to find that is in American English. I know that his version is the British version so do you have the UK edition for us to download. I know it's called the English Standard Version Anglicised (ESVUK) here in the UK.


I am sorry but we only have the ESV. We will be happy to refund the monies if you cannot use that bible.
We have contacted the Bible Society about this.
Thanks Terry, it would be good as I would have to change all the words manually and there is quiet a few. I spoke to our pastor he says that it is available as a digital download, so it shouldn't be difficult.
We have to get permission from the Bible Society to provide the bible in EasyWorship. When that occurs they will provide the official file that we will use to bring the ESVUK version into EasyWorship.
That's great, thanks guys, much appreciated.