[v7 General Discussion] Song transfer to EW7 from EW9<

Tried all sorts. Still cannot draw from my EW9 database.

How do we migrate or transfer songs from EW9 to EW7 please

If you are transferring the database to a new computer, use the backup transfer tool mentioned in the announcement area at the top of the page.

Here's a link to it.


If you are installing EasyWorship 7 on the same computer as 2009 it should have automatically converted the 2009 database.
Rodger I fought this very issue a few of weeks ago on our childrens area laptop. Upgrading the existing 2009 install to EW7 only brought in 6 of the 383 songs into EW7 and they were missing in 2009 as well. I tried the Restore EasyWorship Database From Archive and Rebuilt the Databases from with EW2009 which did nothing. I ended up uninstalling EW7, deleting the V6.1 folders, copied old versions of all of the songs.*** files from a backup copy of the profile from before EW6 or 7, copied that profile to the new laptop (with no version of EW installed) then installing EW7 and allowing it to update the profile. I had to try several different combinations of the above before we got the songs into EW7.
Normally I would try to get 2009 to rebuild the database. You can do that by going to start and typing in rebuild and the rebuild shortcut for 2009 will appear. After running the rebuild outside of EW. Then delete the v6.1 folder and let it convert again.
As I stated in my previous post I tried the Rebuild Database from 2009. Didn't change anything.