[v7 General Discussion] Image with sound

I recently needed to display an image and play a sound file at the same time.

I found that you can't place a sound file on an image in the schedule but you can create a "song" with a blank slide and put the image and the sound on top of it to achieve the same effect.

Is this the intended way to work?

What build number of Easyworship 7 are you runing?

This works fine for me. I put the image in the schedule and then drag and drop an audio file onto of the image in the schedule.
Tried it on two different system. It worked on one system but not the other. Both are on Windows 10 1903. Different profiles tho.
Sorry for delay.

Running on a Lenovo laptop and also on a desktop PC.
Still hit or miss for me. Mostly miss. Either the song isn't added at all or it creates a two slide combo that shows the image without the audio then you advance to play the song with a blank background (no image). Spent the last 15 minutes playing with it with no luck.

Creating the black song and adding the background image and audio file to show and play at the same time only takes a couple of seconds and works every time.