[v7 General Discussion] Double Clicking on a Schedule Item - Question ??

It seems to me, in the past, that when I double-clicked on an item in the schedule list (found on the left), that the song would go immediately to the FOH screen. :(

Now there is a long delay when attempting this procedure ????

(It does work faster with single slides.) :) :-?

Are these PowerPoints?
No, not Powerpoints, just regular saved songs that include backgrounds.

My only guess it that the colored backgrounds are slow to render.
Make sure that you optimize the background images or motion videos to the display resolution. You want the resolution of the video or graphic to be the same as the display. If you use an image that's 8,000 x 3,000 resolution and are only displaying on a 1024 x 768 screen the system has to work harder to downscale the image to the lower resolution. It's even worse with video/motion backgrounds and with an older computer, especially one with a spinning rust hard drive. Using a resolution SLIGHTLY higher shouldn't cause a problem (say 1200 x 1000 image on 1024 x 768 screen). It's mainly when the image/video is considerably larger.

Knowing your hardware specs of the computer, what version Windows you are using, and what resolution your FOH display is would help us with this.

Also have you checked your hard drive lately? Does it have at least 10% free space (20% or more is preferred)? Have you run a chkdsk on it to rule out any drive errors? Is the drive starting to fail? I would start there, especially if it's more than a couple of years old or a laptop.

Check Drive Health. This does not need to be installed. Just extract the Zip file and run the program from there.

How to run Checkdisk in Windows

Thank you rvadon.

Your suggestion of adjusting the resolution of the background image in question was the answer. I decreased it to 1200 x 801 and the double click response time, improved dramatically. :)
My pleasure. Glad it worked out. The link below is to an easy image resizer that as some of the common image sizes pre-defined as well as being simple to insert your own parameters. It makes a resized copy of the image so the original is left unchanged. It will also keep the perspective if you only type in one of the two sizes. It integrates into File Explorer so it runs off of a right click menu from it. Our church uses it a lot for a quick resize.

Thanks for that link. Finding a resizer was next on my bucket list.

BTW, I just finished reading many of your past posts. Very imformative.

I'm wondering what video card is the most dependable, in your opinion.
That depends on several factors. First is what resolution you will be projecting to and if you will be using HD Videos or not. Next is what computer it will be going into. Budget can also be a big factor.

Right now NVidia cards are recommended by Easy Worship. Unless you are going 4k and HD videos a 1050, 1050Ti, 1060, or 1660 are good choices. I've had very bad luck with Asus and MSI brand cards and excellent luck with EVGA and Gigabyte cards. Other folks mileage will vary on that.

AMD cards will work with EW, but one needs to be more careful installing their drivers. While my Church and I use them, EW doesn't recommend them due to the drivers. You need to make sure you do not install ReLive with the drivers as that conflicts with Easy Worship. If you do go AMD stick with XFX or Sapphire brand cards and avoid PowerColor and Gigabyte cards at all costs. Gigabyte makes great motherboards and Nvidia cards, their AMD cards are more prone to failures. Performance wise the 570 and 580 are on par with the Nvidia cards posted previously. I find AMD cards to provide better overall video quality that NVidia cards. One of the main reasons I use them is that I have been using them since the late 1990's and know their quirks and how to deal with them. I haven't used NVidia cards nearly as much so I'm not as familiar with them.

Due to EW recommending NVidia that would be my recommendation as they are better equipped to support them. Turn on all of the screends/projectors before you start the computer so the screen assignments don't change and disable automatic Driver updates in Windows 10 to make sure it doesn't update your working Nvidia supplied driver to a Microsoft supplied driver that may not function as well.
Thanks again for your very detailed response to my inquiry about video cards. :D
My pleasure