[v7 General Discussion] Song Select is Broken

I am completely unable to load the proper interface for Song Select anymore, rendering the integration completely broken.

It loads the EW site and other web pages just fine. However, the SongSelect direct link button takes me to a page where images won't load and I can't even find the login button.

Really concerned about EW continuing to use a sunset browser as it's built in. This is a critical function.


Unfortunately, EW Support is out of the office until Monday due to the Easter Holiday. But EW isn't coded to default to IE11 (or any other browser) according to EW Support. That is something that MS is doing. You might want to check out this thread for more information about this.

Hopefully when EW Support get's back in the Office on Monday they will post a solution or work around for you.
EasyWorship Version 7 Build works with SongSelect this morning.

The SongSelect tab worked from the Web button but it took longer than usual to load the SongSelect page.

Once there I could 'Sign In' and once a song text is selected the Import button is active.

It may be worth trying again and leaving EW searching for SongSelect for longer.

Hope it sorts itself out before your Easter services.
Also seems to be working today.

Any time you run into a problem with the songselect page not loading in EasyWorship there is a work around.

Open your preferred browser. Log into Songselect and download the text file for the lyrics.

Create a new song in EW and import the text file.
Rodger I checked Song Select on 3 different systems this morning. All are running the latest version of EW 7 and a fully up to date Windows 10 1809 64bit OS. 2 also have the latest EW 6 installed. One system has major issues with SongSelect while the other two don't. Tried different profiles on the problem system but that had no affect. Even created a new profile and still having the same issues. It looks like we were trying to load a modern webpage on an old version of IE 4 from Windows 98 or ME. Lots of empty white space at the top with some broken links. If you scroll down far enough you get to some actual content, but it isn't arranged correctly and is unusable. That same computer has no problems with the SongSelect webpage in IE11, Edge, Chrome, Vivaldi, Firefox, or any other browser I try.

I don't think it's a hardware issue as the only difference between the two systems is the amount of ram installed. Same motherboard, same processor, same graphics card, etc. Just one as 16 gigs of ram (2 x 4) and the other has 4 gigs (2x2).

Any idea what might be causing that issue? Aside from that one issue that system runs perfectly for everything else.

On that computer go to the web tab and go to https://www.whatismybrowser.com/ .

It should say it's Internet Explorer 11.
This is what I get. I hope that helps. The main difference I see between it and one that works is JavaScript isn't enabled on the one that doesn't that prevents Cookies and Flash. When I open IE11 outside of EW it shows that they are enabled and I can't see any way to enable them from withing EW.

Reinstalling EasyWorship should fix that. Looks like maybe 2009 was installed after 6/7 was installed and it reset easyworship to run in IE 7 compatibility mode. You can also download the IE fix that changes the registry key for you.

You can download it from here. https://www.easyworship.com/downloads/Utilities/FixIE/
Thank you Roger. The fix seems to have taken care of the problem. I'll probably reinstall EW just in case something else is messed up.