[v7 General Discussion] GPU at 100 percent

I'm running EW 7 on an older computer, and it runs fine for the most part. A 1080P video runs really jerky, and I also notice that the GPU is at 100% all the time. Is there any suggested workarounds? I have plenty of CPU left as well.
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First off give us some actual specs. Stating it's an older computer tells us nothing useful. And please be as specific as possible. If you aren't sure run CPU-Z (they have a portable version that doesn't need to be installed). Click on Validate and then Submit. Post the URL to the results and that should provide a lot of the following information.



  • [*]Is this a laptop or desktop?

  • [*]If it's a desktop is there a PCI-E slot available for a better graphics card if needed?

  • [*]What CPU do you have (and yes, this can make a difference with GPU issues especially integrated graphics on laptops)?

  • [*]What Graphics card (or chip) are you using?

  • [*]How much RAM do you have?

  • [*]Does this computer have an SSD or a Spinning Rust hard drive?

  • [/list]

    Once I know that information I can probably provide some specific recommendations. But off the top of my head I'm guessing the computer is an old Core2Duo computer with integrated graphics or an AMD system with integrated or low end graphics that just can't handle HD videos thru EW.

    If you play one of those 1080p videos with a video player such as VLC, Media Player Classic, Pot Player, or even Windows Media Player do you still have 100% GPU usage with jerky playback?

    Also, in EW, go to Edit > Options > Advanced and check "Disable GPU Shrink Filter". If your videos play smoother and you're using less of your GPU then you need to upgrade your GPU. You can run with that unchecked temporarily, but probably shouldn't use it as a permanent solution.