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https://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=47&t=15682&p=53395&hilit=mac&sid=c9b1d2c2c78e8f099343bbe1868adb68#p53395]Back in 2017, it was said that you where shifting your attention back to a Mac version of Easy Worship. Is there any kind of update that you could give us on this. Is it still being worked on? Is there any sight of there being a release of it?


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Thank you for your inquiry,

Creating a cross-platform version of EasyWorship that will run on Windows and Mac is still the primary focus of our software development team.

So far we have migrated our existing Version 7 codebase to the new cross-platform compatible development environment and successfully compiled and run the Windows version of EasyWorship 7. We have also converted our data access layer to be truly cross-platform enabled in order to keep a seamless integration between all platforms of EasyWorship. I.E. making sure that shared data profiles and schedule are 100% compatible with all platforms. Currently, we are making good headway in converting the business logic layer and core components.

Once the business layer is complete we will begin working on the output display engine. Our next major milestone will be the ability to present a schedule for output on both PC and Mac environments. From there we will work on creating the cross-platform GUI/UI controls. Users may see incremental Windows builds in the future that use some of the new cross-platform logic and components, thus enabling us to test functionality as it is completed.

We cannot make any promise to when this project will be delivered or completed but can confirm that it continues to be the primary project our software development team is working towards.