[v7 General Discussion] Default Profile on Dual Computers

Hi, my media team at church recently purchased Easyworship7. It's installed on the church's desktop computer and on my personal laptop, as the media operator on Sabbaths. During the week, while watching tutorials and adding in new media on the Default Profile, I noticed that none of this was on the same profile, on the church's desk top computer when I got to church. Am I doing something wrong, or is it not possible that the same or addition of media be added to the same profile on different computer?

Looking forward to any solutions that may be provided...



The profiles are not linked via a cloud or anything like that. You can transfer your songs and data by saving your schedule to a USB drive or upload it to a cloud drive and then download it to the computer at church. Once you have the schedule on the other computer you can right click it you can do a check schedule for changes and then add the items into the database on the other machine.
Thank for the reply, Terry. I will do that from now on.