[v7 General Discussion] Need upgrade path

I see we are at version 2009 build 2.4, probably way behind. Is there an upgrade path to the current version? Will our song database convert or import easily? What will it cost? Having problems getting power points to work since we upgraded out Office 365.
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Short answer Yes and Yes.

Pricing options. https://www.easyworship.com/software/pricing And yes you can go directly from 2009 to V7.

System Requirements. Depending on your current hardware you might not be able to run a newer version of EW on your existing hardware. Without knowing what your hardware is I have no way of providing any advice on that. If you want to post that I can give you what advice I can.

Converting existing EW profile (songs, music, images, vides, etc) to EW7. If 2009 is still on the computer the installation of EW7 will handle the conversion during the install. You can find more information here.