[v7 General Discussion] EasyWorship and NDI


A couple of questions about NDI.

Firstly in terms of a Feed Input:
  • [*]Does EasyWorship work happily with both NDI and NDI HX?
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    Secondly in terms of an Output:
  • [*]Can we choose whether EasyWorship sends full NDI or NDI HX?

  • [*]Can we the change name it will advertise itself to the network as?
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    And a wider EasyWorship Output question, but with a focus on NDI:
  • [*]Can EasyWorship send the same output to multiple monitors? E.g. send Live output to HDMI1 plus NDI1, send Foldback output to HDMI2 plus NDI2. Etc. Or does outputting Live to NDI1 prevent you from also using a graphics card port?

  • [*]Assuming you can do the above, is a second/third etc Live or Foldback output a pure clone of the first or can it be configured to a different resolution?
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    I have tried to do this, but the issue I have is that what I get on my wirecast system does not have a transparent background like when I natively use NDI on EasyWorship. I have to be able to display on a second monitor for our worship team, so that elimates my ability to use NDI natively on EW. Any idea on how to get the grabbed screen to be transparent on wirecast so that it displays the words over my video feed?

    Thank you,

    I have not had that problem even though I have been doing it for years - and do it every week still.

    On the church PC, I have an icon in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, so we can start it any time we want.

    I also have the Desktop Capture utility set to load every time we start the computer. That means, it is in the start menu so we don't have to actually start it each time. There have been times when we have started our streaming PC and the link was not made. All I do if that happens is to close the Desktop capture utility and click on its icon at the bottom and restart it, which then makes the connection. I have never had to restart EW and it actually has nothing to do with EW.

    For the last two weeks due to the corona virus and the church is in lockdown, I have streamed our church service from pre-recorded media - from my own home. I use VMix and EW running on the one PC. All song backgrounds are green, EW is set to output via NDI. VMix picks up that stream and I chroma key out the green, leaving only the words which I overlay as lower thirds we we run a song. I have a second NDI feed coming into vMix with no chroma keying which I use for the pastors powerpoint slides.

    NDI is great technology and I wish it was around about 20 years ago!
    Thank you so much for the quick reply. I have had some new developments. Since it is not always convenient to be at the church, I am simulating our setup at home with virtual machines. Using Vmix, I was successfully able to create a green background for our lyrics and have my wirecast system grab the share while keying out the green...success!! However, I tried to set this up at the church this past Wednesday and wirecast could grab the main EW program window, but would not grab the lyrics that were on Monitor two on the EW computer...kinda strange. It may be that I need to just restart Vmix like you said, but it seems like it wouldn't get any of the NDI feed from the EW system at all. I think I am very close though. Thanks for your help. I think for the pastors PPs, i am just going to add another feed in Wirecast without the keying. I don't see any reason why that wouldn't work. Again, thank you so much. Through this Corona thing. We have been shooting our service on Saturday, and then I go home and edit, adding in all the lyrics manually in Final Cut Pro. Very tedious....