[v7 General Discussion] Schedule and Live Default Behaviors Changed: Must Double-Click Each Slide in Live Now

I think I somehow messed-up a setting or two in EasyWorship 7 on Windows 10. Clicking a slide in the schedule now automatically selects the [i]next[/i] slide in the schedule instead of the one I just clicked. And even more disconcerting; in Live, I can no longer single-click slides to move forward ([i]to the next verse in a song for example[/i]), but I must [i]double-click[/i] each slide. It's pretty much been destroying my timing. Anyone know what I did to change these settings and/or how to [re-]set them back to (what I thought were) default behaviors?

I don't know of any EW settings that would do this. I am wondering if it is a Windows or mouse driver issue.
[RESOLVED] Selecting the next slide in the Schedule is expected behavior - I had just forgotten that. And my main concern wasn't a real problem at all. The panes in EasyWorship had been moved and the Preview area was expanded and the Live area was extremely small. So, I had been double-clicking the next slides in the Preview area thinking it was Live. Once that was pointed out to me, I moved the window panes where they were before. Everything worked just fine this morning.
That makes senclse now! Glad you got it figured out.