[v7 General Discussion] Using NDI to feed OBS while still having the capability of EW7 to Display to Monitors?

We use OBS to live stream and Split Screen to put the camera in the left screen while using NDI from EW7 to show the lyrics or scriptures by NDI in the right screen. EW7 and OBS are on separate computers. The only problem we have is when in this configuration, we lose ability to use EW7 to output to the sanctuary monitors because NDI source is selected in the EW7 options screen. Is there something we are overlooking?

I am sorry but you can only do one or the other at this time.
In future releases it would be nice to have NDI enabled by default with a check mark. The other monitor or projector selections could be selected sending EW7 to the computer VGA or HDMI allowing the functionality to happen.
Go to the VMix.com website and download the VMix NDI utility - Desktop Capture for Windows (

Install that on your EW PC and run that little utitlity each time you run EW.

Your other NDI software will then be able to pick up any of the 3 EW screens plus you will also be outputting EW as normal to your screen.

I have been doing this long before EW was NDI enabled. We actually have that little utility set to start each time the EW PC is started. If you also set EW to capture an NDI feed from your streaming software you can get a bi directional NDI feed which means you can get a view from your cameras on the main screen.
Thanks Al will sure try that. I suppose the EW setting would stay on NDI source?
If you are only wanting to pick up an NDI feed to your mixing software, you don't need to do anything in EW. Just run that VMix Desktop capture utility, run EW as normal, and you should be able to pick up any EW output via NDI. In vMix, I can pick up any of the three screens EW produces - even the control screen if I wish!

Not sure how your mixing/streaming software works but in vMix, I can: output to NDI, live to a monitor/TV, record and stream all at the same time. If your other software can output an NDI signal and you want to pick that up as a feed into EW - as I do each week -, you will need to set up an NDI capture feed in EW. Then you can put what is outputting from your mixing software into EW and onto your main screen via EW.