[v7 General Discussion] NDI Feed Setting

EW PC was receiving multiple 1080p 59.94 NDI feeds from Livestream Studio all working. The feeds have changed to 960 x 540 29.97 causing them to be stretched. There is no options in drop down box to change.

The feeds are received by other devices outside of EW correctly.

Please advise,

In the feed, you can change the aspect ratio to maintain instead of automatic. That will make sure that the image doesn't get stretched, however if you are projecting out of EasyWorship at a higher resolution, you'll get black bars where there is no video to cover the screen.
Setting maintain did not fix, see attached snip.

>>>>>>UPDATE - SOLVED>>>>>>>> NDI feed (from Livestream Studio) had accidentally been changed from 1080p to 1080i causing the issue below.

1080p ok works perfect

1080i comes in as 960 x 540