[v7 General Discussion] Monitors Changing Positions

Hello, each time we open the program lately, we have to go into options to change our monitor settings as they are being changed somehow. We have 3 displays (control, projector, then foldback); and within windows displays they are always stayed the same, but when we open easyworship, even when we have not changed anything, the monitors from projector and foldback have changed position. So, if projector is monitor 2 and foldback 3, it changes it to projector on 3 and foldback on 2. Any suggestions to fix this?
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It sounds like Windows is addressing them differently after reboot, ore maybe the driver is. EW is just using what it used last time, if it changes, then the addressing the outputs changed since EW was last opened. I recommend doing a clean install of the video card driver. If it's a NVIDIA card, you'll go to the nvidia site and download the latest driver for your card. During the install, you'll want to do a custom install and install using the option to do a clean install.

I also recommend using a Distribution amp on each output so that the video card always thinks it has a monitor connected to all three ports, so that It doesn't have a chance to rearrange the outputs based on the order the monitors or projectors were turned on.