[v7 General Discussion] Make an Overlay Video Loop

So I have a presentation that I put a motion background on in the schedule. The background loops just fine when it is live.

Then I edit the presentation and add a video overlay of snowfall on it. It now does not loop the background or the snowfall. After 30 seconds they both stop.

I can press the Loop button (two arrows) and get it to loop, but cannot figure out how to make this happen automatically. I have set the background and the overlay to loop within the presentation settings, but still does not automatically.

Any ideas?

I did find something that worked in this instance, I checked the Loop Presentation and that seems to make it work now.

However, another situation...

I have a 10 slide presentation that automatically changes slides every 30 seconds. I want to use a motion background on it, but everything I have tried, the motion stops after it is complete. How can I make it loop?
make sure the motion is set as the background. You can go to slide view and drag the video into the slides list, or drag the video onto an existing slide or select an existing slide, go to inspector and set the background. You can also select a foreground video and go to inspector, then media and set it as a background element.
So I opened the presentation. I went to slide view. I selected All Slides, On the Inspector->Slide->Background I chose a video. It did not work at first, still stopped after the video completed. Noticed on the Inspector->Slide->Background Image Icon was selected instead of Video Icon. Switching that seems to have made it loop.

It seems it defaults to Image even when selecting a video. Perhaps a bug?