[v7 General Discussion] EW7.1 beta Foldback PPT bug

We have had no issues with EW7.0.4.1 (or any other version) using Powerpoint 2010 and foldback but after I installed EW7.1 beta it causes the foldback monitors to display the powerpoint slides about an inch smaller in size than normally although the clock display at top r/h side and next slide info at bottom l/h side are not affected just the ppt slides. Going back to everything works fine again.

I have checked all the settings for foldback and they are the same for both versions. As the pulpit foldback monitor is only a 10" Lilliput, the image needs to fill the screen.

in the clocks were allowed to lay on top of the powerpoint, so it could be bigger. IN 7.1 the powerpoint fits between the clocks and the first line area. It will be smaller, but not covered. This is working as intended.
Could this not be an option rather than a fixed setting as our pastor prefers it the way it was and therefore we will continue with which is the way it has always been since foldback was first added to EasyWorship.
We really appreciate this change as now the bottom of all the PowerPoint slides are no longer covered. Does that not benefit your Pastor to be able to see the whole slide now? Or perhaps you do not use the Next Item field at the bottom of the screen?
We too prefer the previous look where the clock and next line could "lay on top". This effects not only PPT but also songs, presentations, videos, etc....

If it were an option to choose "full screen" or "between the clock and first line areas" that would better.