[v7 General Discussion] EW7 coming up with Watermark in Church only

When I powered up EW7.0.4.1 today in our church service it had a watermark displayed. I tried entering my details but it would not accept my User Name / Password and shows invalid in red. After rebooting and retrying again, I then tried to sign into the Community Forum and it still didn't recognise my sign on details. So we had to have the service with EasyWorship all through it. Also I tried using my phone through the church WiFi to sign on to the forum and it too wouldn't let me sign in either with the same results. The church PC is ethernet connected directly to the modem/router.

I am now on my home PC and EasyWorship works fine and as you can see I can also sign in to the forum as well. So I'm at a loose end to why it doesn't recognise my details in our church. I can sign in on with my phone using my WiFi no problem. So it must be something has changed either on the PC network setup or the PC itself. Any suggestions what could be causing this problem?
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This problem has now been rectified, it seems to have been an issue with your registration server causing the watermark to appear as it wouldn't accept my user / password input.