[v7 General Discussion] Line Background

hey everyone! Van i put a line background no my text?

its like a block behind my text.

i need this man, pleas help me!

You can create a text box and make it the size you want, then in inspector set the outline and fill as desired. Use the arrange icon at the top right to move it backward.
If you just want the text to have a background, you set a fill color on the text box you are using for text. You'll make that change in inspector also.
Thanks man, but dont have a atomatic form? Would help a lot!
You can create a theme so that you only have to do it once. But there is no setting in EW to make it display all lines of text like that.
Are you talking about something like this? Either way, I would LOVE to have this feature. Where you give the TEXT a background, not the text box. Or have to manually setup background boxes.

I think this is a feature in Propresenter. Would love and EW equivalent.