[v7 General Discussion] Need help with Live Output

I am using EW 7 with Windows 10 OS. I upgraded my OS from the latest release of Windows right now and after getting that update, my live output looks broken. What I mean for broken is when I toggle the Live button still what I am seeing is my extended screen and not the expected screen from Easyworship. I think it has something to do with the Update of Windows 10 OS. Thank you.


This image did not show up. Can you please attach it again.

Re-attached the file. Thanks.
This sounds like a problem we have been seeing with NVIDIA Switchable graphics cards. We will be releasing an update fairly soon to fix this, but you can work around it by reducing the output resolution by 1 pixel.

On this screen that is in the screenshot, just press down arrow either next to the width or height. EW will switch from secondary monitor to custom position at that point, but the output should render.
Hi Rodger.

I'll try some work around with this problem. But hope to fix it soonest so it will be used smoothly on our Worship Service. Thank you Rodger.