[v7 General Discussion] Remove text from theme thumbnails

We just upgraded to EW7 from 2009.

I'm having difficulty with themes.

It's difficult to see the thumbnail because EW7 is putting a full screen of text all over the thumbnail.

I am also used to being able to choose one (I'll call it a theme in the EW7 style) and have that background if you will be the default background for everything in the schedule, songs, scriptures, etc. I'm finding EW7 to be completely different.

Foremost, I would like to have ONLY thumbnails on songs and scriptures when choosing a theme.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Thanks for the feedback on themes.

You can set a default theme by right clicking any theme and clicking set as default.

That will affect anything you add to the schedule after that, otherwise you'll need to drag and drop the theme onto the song, scripture or presentation or edit the song, scripture or presentation and choose a theme.

It sounds like you have your font settings set really high, if the text fills the theme thumbnail. You can go to edit, options and change font settings, you may even reset them to default and work from there.

We do have a feature request forum, that you can post feature requests on.

You can get to it at this link. https://support.easyworship.com/a/forums/
Thanks for your response.

I have a default installation of EW7, copying only my database items from EW2009 so I will have my songs, backgrounds, and videos available.

This is what I see in the thumbnail area:


It's much harder with the scriptures than it is with the backgrounds.

I would really just like to see the thumbnail without any demo text on it at all.

Would that be an item for the feature requests?