[v7 General Discussion] videos don't play if easyworship is left idle


We have had this happen on a two occasions now.

We setup the service with video's. Test run all works.

Couple of days later test run again - trying worship practice works fine.

Service - video have black screen and won't play.

After service restart easy worship and everything works fine.

After talking to worship leaders and ministry leaders the last time, then retried had problems.

After a lot more testing found the common thing was during a service easy worship was left on a slide or black screen for periods of time. After this the video did not work.

Running windows 10, with 3 hdmi screens (front, fold back and operator) all 1920x1080
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Check your power settings and make sure that you are using a high performance power profile, or make sure that the power profile you are using isn't shutting down hard drives, video cards...
Also disable any screen saver you might have setup.