[v7 General Discussion] Default browser

Is EW7 still using Internet Explorer as the default browser? Can it be changed to use a more up to date (and secure) browser like Edge, or Chrome? Given that Microsoft has moved on from IE ...

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At this time you cannot change the browser. Just make sure you have updated to IE 11. IE 11 is considered a secure browser.
https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/micros ... e-and-ie11
My reason for asking is that I occasionally (like this coming Sunday) want to live-stream output from an ip-camera or even an Android phone, from the front to the back of the Worship Area where the EW PC is located, so that EW can project what is happening at the front for everyone behind to see. I can do it with a Logitech 920 over usb-cat5 cable but I am trying to get rid of the cable running the length of the worship space. I don't need a complicated set-up with capture cards etc. I just want something simple for infrequent use, that doesn't need long cables. I can live-stream straight from my phone into Edge and Chrome using an ip-address, but I cannot get IE11 to do this.
And this just in from "Song Select"...

"We will be updating the engine that powers Lead and Vocal sheets. The necessary updates will not be compatible with IE11 and earlier versions. For uninterrupted access to the content you rely on, please upgrade your browser as soon as possible. We recommend choosing Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Thank you for adapting with us as technology shifts and changes!"
Since Easyworship only imports lryics that will not impact the way it works with the program at this time.
I get the same message as 'sdodman' above. I have now reset my default browser back to IE11, so that EW 7 can work with it, but use Firefox routinely. If I login to SongSelect via EW7 I can import lyrics to database and also print them, but the trouble comes when I want to print the chords or lead music (for the instrumentalists) when I get the same message from SongSelect to upgrade from IE11 to Firefox 9and others, to upgrade. If I access SongSelect via Firefox, I can print down whatever I want, but obviously I cannot import to EW7 that way - so I use 2 'accesses' to SongSelct rather than one which counts against our total usage. When will EW7 work fully with Firefox, to allow me to print music from within EW7 please? This is quite a limitation.
I was also facing the same problem whenever I used to work on my browser it shows the message make this your default browser and once it became the default browser as everything started to open to that particular browser. I have Dell Inspiron laptop and so i contacted " https://printerssupport.org/dell-printer-support/"] Dell Tech Support for the help and resolved the issue.
ram, that would work for the default WINDOWS browser, but that isn't what they are referring to. EW has hard coded IE as the default browser with no way to change it. This is preventing people from accomplishing some tasks from within EW. There is nothing that Dell (or any other company) can do about that except for EasyWorship itself and from the looks of the responses from Terry and Roger of EW they have no intention of doing so anytime in the foreseeable future.
Hi Friends,

Here's what's actually happening. EasyWorship is written in Delphi. We are using the Delphi "call" to load the OS web browser so that no matter what OS you are on, you don't have to install a special browser to be able to access web components. Currently Windows still loads a form of IE when we call for web browsing functionality. EasyWorship continues to be able to import Lyrics from SongSelect, however lead sheets and other components do not work. The EasyWorship SongSelect interface was not intended to load lead and vocal sheets, it is designed to work with the lyrics area in order to load lyrics from SongSelect into EasyWorship.
UPDATE: We aren't hard coding EasyWorship to use IE browser. Windows is hard coding the web browser function we are calling to use IE. We have spent more time investigating what's happening here in regards to using EasyWorship to access lead sheets and vocal sheets on SongSelect. In order to be able to view the lead sheets and vocal sheets in EasyWorship, we will have to embed our own browser instead of calling the Windows browser function. The development team hasn't made a decision yet on this as it will take some time to implement our own browser and make sure everything that relied on the old web browser function works properly.
We have this browser issue when scheduling a youtube link, because it uses Internet Explorer Youtube won't let us sign into our premium account with IE and so the adverts show up. Running latest version of IE, on Win10, current updates. No issue when running Chrome. I hope you can get a work-around for this default browser issue soon. I guess as soon as MS makes the default browser-call to be to edge then this may no longer be an issue.