Request 1934 Vietnamese Bible

Hello EasyWorship team,

I'd like to see "1934 Vietnamse Bible" added to EasyWorship 6&7.

Thank you,


Please provide the name of the publisher for this Bible or this request will be deleted.

In my Bible, the publisher is NHÀ XUẤT BẢN TÔN GIÁO.
But in some Vietnamese Bible, the 
publisher is United Bible Societies and Vietnam Bible Society (Thánh Kinh Hội Quốc Tế Thánh Kinh Hội Việt Nam).
So I don't 
exactly who is the publisher. Sorry about this.

That's perfect, thank you. I will contact them as soon as I can about this request.

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I have contacted the Publisher and am awaiting a response. 7/9/19.

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Here some information I known about the publisher :

  1. Vietnam Bible Society (Vietnamese: Thánh Kinh Hội Việt Nam): 
    Tel: +84 283 8414252 (the office at Ha Noi); +84 243 7739902 (the office at Ho Chi Minh)
  2. United Bible Societies:
    Tel +44(0)1793 236 200
    Address details:
    United Bible Societies,
    UK Hub, Stonehill Green, Westlea,
    Swindon, SN5 7PJ, England.

Thank you,


Some information I got about the publisher:

  1. Vietnam Bible Society:
  2. United Bible Societies:

Hi Phan, I will make sure that that is the information we have used to contact them. If not, we will update and try to contact them again.

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