Name of bible translation & abbreviation: BIBLIYA
Language: CEBUANO
Publisher name and contact information if known:  


P.O. Box 1735 
Macau S.A.R. (China)


(+853) 28880006

Fax:(+853) 28880068



(5.85 MB)

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Your help would be so much appreciated. :) God Bless Us All.

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Maayo unta ug naa na.

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The Bible Society has been contacted and we are awaiting a response.

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yehey... hapit na jud makabaton ug cebuano bible

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murag naa na ata, hehe i already downloaded the zip file, hope it works

waiting, hehe

Please add this bible to easyworship. the file has been attached already. we need this. thanks and God Bless us All...

It has nothing to do with the file being attached. We have to wait for approval from the Bible Society before we can legally provide this Bible.


We have already approved this request and contacted the Publisher. Please review the comments on the post before posting. I am awaiting a response from the Publisher about this Bible.

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@Fred Callicoat  what software did you use to program the bible ?

Thank You 

Hi Jason, I'm not sure what my Bible Developer uses but we can not add the Bible to our software until we have a signed contract with the Publisher.

Any updates regarding this one?

We have not heard back from the Publisher on this. I would recommend reaching out and contacting them on our behalf. 

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