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Modified on: Thu, 16 Sep, 2021 at 12:29 PM

The EasyWorship editor allows you to add shapes to the slides. Once added, these can be reshaped, re-sized, filled with text, solid colors, and even media files, and can also be rotated.

Instructions to use Shapes

Adding Shapes

Open the Song, Scripture, Presentation, or Theme editor by creating a new Song, Presentation, or Theme, or by editing a Song, Scripture, Presentation, or Theme.

  1. Click the Shape button at the top of the editor and select the shape you want to add. (Note: To add a shape to one slide only, select the slide and then add the shape (Themes will only have one slide to edit). If you want to add the shape to the entire song, scripture or presentation, click on the Masters tab and then add your shape to the theme's master slide.)  
  2. The shape will appear on the slide.

Editing Shapes

  1. Use the adjustment points on the border to re-size it.
  2. Use the yellow adjustment point (if available) to reshape it.
  3. To rotate the shape, click and drag the rotate button at the top of the shape.
  4. Open Inspector and select Element > Fill and choose whether you want to fill it with a solid color, gradient, or media.
  5. Choose your color(s) or media and click OK on the editor.
  6. Use the other Element options in the Inspector to make any other changes you want to the shape, like Border, Shadow, and Reflection.
  7. Use the Arrange button at the top of the editor to send that element behind the text.
  8. When finished, close the Inspector and click OK.

You can use shapes creatively to create your own fun themes and backgrounds. They can also be used for masking in any case where there may be portions of your screen that need to be blacked out.

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