It's easy to connect a PTZOptics NDI camera to EasyWorship and use it as a background or as an element on a slide. Follow the steps below to setup a connection to your PTZOptics NDI camera. 

  1. Make sure your PTZOptics camera is connected to your LAN and configured so that you can access via the LAN connection. 
  2. Open EasyWorship.
  3. Click on the Media tab.
  4. Click on Feeds.
  5. Right click in the feeds area and click Add New Feed, or click the plus button at the bottom.

  6. Enter the name for your camera in the Name field
  7. In the Input Device field, select your PTZOpticsCamera from the dropdown list.

  8. All of the other fields will fill in automatically.

  9. Click OK to save  your feed. 
  10. You can now right click on the feed and copy it to the themes area in order to set up the text formatting and location.
  11. Format the theme the way you want it.
  12. Drag it onto the item you wish you use it on.
  13. Then go live.