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Creating A Chroma Or Alpha Key Theme

Modified on: Tue, 2 Feb, 2021 at 12:20 PM

If you are using a video mixer that supports Chroma Key or Alpha Key, you'll want to setup themes to support this functionality. 

For an Alpha Key you'll want to use an initial background of black and for Chroma Key the most common is green, but other colors such as black or blue can be used for the background. 

Setting up a theme for use with Chroma or Alpha key is very simple. 

  1. Click the Themes tab. 
  2. Select the type of theme you wish to create, for example Song, Scripture or Presentation. 
  3. Right-click in the theme list and click New (Song, Scripture, Presentation) Theme.

  4. The Theme Editor will appear. (We'll be creating a song theme with lower third text for this demonstration.)
  5. Click the Inspector icon at the top-right to display the Inspector window. 
  6. In the Inspector window, click on the Slides tab and uncheck any elements you don't want displayed, for example, Copyright. 
  7. Resize the text box in the editor window to the location and size you wish to use. 
  8. With the text box selected in the Inspector window, click Fill under Element. 
  9. Change the Fill Style to what you wish to use. 
  10. If you wish the fill to be semi-transparent, slide the Opacity slider to the left to the desired opacity.

  11. To set the background (Key Color) click Background in the Inspector, below Slide. 
  12. For Alpha Channel, you can either leave the background set to None, or for Chroma Key select the color your mixer is keying out.

  13. Click OK to save the theme. 

  14. You can right-click on the theme and set it as the Default Theme, or drag it onto a song. 

If you still need further assistance, please contact EasyWorship Support.

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