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Can EasyWorship Be Shared Online?

Modified on: Wed, 10 Mar, 2021 at 10:30 AM

EasyWorship is a software that is designed to be downloaded onto a computer.

The database files may be stored on a shared server on your local area network, but the program itself or database is not located on the internet or on a cloud server.

EasyWorship does not lock our database file at the file level, it locks at the record level. This allows our customers to share their database on a network and allow multiple users to access and update the database. However, cloud servers work on a file level. When you have more than one person in the database, you get conflict copies and then we end up with one of the databases out of sync with another database in the profile folder.

This is why we don't support or recommend storing the database in the cloud.

When we do have a cloud solution, we will be using a file based system that prevents issues like this.

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