It's quick and easy to build a theme in EasyWorship using the Theme Editor. To get started:

Method 1:

  1. Click the Themes tab in the Resource Area.
  2. Select the type of theme you want to create (Song, Scripture, or Presentation)

  1. Click the Add  button at the bottom of the Themes Area.

Method 2:

You may also create themes from your Videos and Images under Media.

  1. Click the Media tab in the Resource Area.
  2. Right click on the Video or Image you want to use as the background for your theme.
  3. From the menu, select Copy to Theme > Song Theme, Scripture Theme or Presentation Theme.

This will place the media item in the Themes Area, allowing you to use it as the default theme (a.k.a., background) or drag-and-drop to a song in the schedule or select it from the themes drop-down in the song or presentation editor.

See: Theme Editor in the Online Help file for details on all the functions of the theme editor.