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AirTurn Foot Pedal

Modified on: Wed, 27 Jan, 2021 at 10:44 AM

EasyWorship can be controlled by the AirTurn Bluetooth BT 105-PB4 Foot Switch System. Use the following instructions to setup EasyWorship to work with the AirTurn system.


Updating EasyWorship Hotkeys:

In order to accept commands from the AirTurn System,  EasyWorship HotKey commands will have to be changed. Follow the instructions below to change the HotKeys in EasyWorship. You will have three programming options. Each changes the function of Pedal 2 to either Black, Clear or Logo.

  1. Close the EasyWorship program.
  2. Download one of the Hotkey Installers from the links provided below.
  3. Open the Hotkey Installer file and click Install at the prompt.
  4. Then open EasyWorship.
  5. Create a schedule or open a schedule and go live with the first item in the schedule.
  6. Use the Arrow keys on your keyboard to verify that:
    Up Arrow = Previous Slide
    Down Arrow = Next Slide,
    Right Arrow = Go Live
    Left Arrow = Black, Clear, or Logo
  7. Test the AirTurn pedals to see if they function the same as the arrow keys.


Hotkey Downloads:

Download the file from the link below that you will change Pedal 2 to the function you want.

EasyWorship 7 on a Windows 10 computer: 

Clear Text Option

Black Screen Option

Logo Option

Port (Pedal) Mappings and position left to right:

Pedal 1 - Port 1  = Prev. Slide

Pedal 2 - Port 2  = Clear, Black or Logo

Pedal 3 - Port 3  = Next Slide

Pedal 4 - Port 4  = Go Live



  1. Using the instructions provided with the AirTurn system, pair the Bluetooth foot switch system with your Bluetooth capable computer.
  2. AirTurn by default is set to Mode 3, this Mode is the mode compatible with EasyWorship. See the note below if you need help changing the mode.
  3. Make sure EasyWorship is closed when updating the Hotkey commands.


Note: If you need help to pairing or changing modes on your AirTurn Pedal, please contact AirTurn support, consult the manual or check out the following links:

Print Manual PDF
Changing Modes Instructions
Pairing Instructions Video 

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