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Connecting A Laptop To Projector

Modified on: Tue, 15 Dec, 2020 at 10:27 AM

If you are using a laptop, it's helpful to follow the specific order below when connecting to the output screen:

  1. Turn on the Projector, TV or Monitor you are using as the EasyWorship output screen.
  2. Plug the Projector, TV or Monitor into the laptop.
  3. Turn the laptop on and it should recognize the connection to the output screen(s).

When you disconnect the laptop, do just the opposite:

  1. Turn the laptop off.
  2. Un-plug the Projector, TV or Monitor.
  3. Turn off the Projector, TV or Monitor.

Here is also a link to an article to assist you with your Screen Setup: Screen Setup

If you need further assistance, please contact EasyWorship Support.

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