NRSV [anglicized] version (NRSVA)

 I would like a plugin for the NRSV anglicized version of the Bible. In English.

While words and idioms were carefully chosen to be immediately comprehensible to all English speakers, the original NRSV text uses US spelling, punctutation and numbering style. Some churches and schools may find this distracting, preferring British English. Given the high standing of the NRSV in these circles, Cambridge is now offering Bibles using the NRSV Anglicized Edition.

From Bill Dodd's request

New Revised Standard Version of the Bible (NRSV) Anglicised


Publisher: National Council of the Churches of Christ

Language : English Anglicised

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Yes please, we use NRSVA too at Crowstone St George's URC. We have licensed NRSV in EW and it would be really great to have the Anglicised version (just like there is for NIV). Thanks!

We too sue NRSVA at Skelmorlie & Wemyss Bay Parish Church, Scotland. Would really value having it available in EW.

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