Terjemahan Sederhana Indonesia (TSI)


Name of bible translation & abbreviation: Terjemahan Sederhana Indonesia (TSI)

Language: Indonesian

Publisher name and contact information: Yayasan Alkitab BahasaKita. (Albata) See (The physical address of our office is on the Kontak page.)

I am the founder of Albata and have the rights and permission to ask you to make an EasyWorship module. The Indonesian Bible you have is the main Bible, published by the Indonesian Bible Society in 1974. The TSI New Testament was published in March of 2014. It is already quite popular on Youversion and in the main Android app. Many more modern churches who use EasyWorship would like to also have the ability to display verses from the TSI.

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What's the best email to contact you about adding this translation?

Publisher contacted 6/21/19. I emailed you at the provided address, Phil. Please respond there with any questions or concerns so that we can streamline this process and I will update this forum post accordingly.

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This Bible has been available since Sep 2019.