Cebuano ang Biblia, Bugna and Pinadayag Versions - Public Domain

There are two purportedly public domain Cebuano Bibles, the Cebuano ang Biblia, Bugna and Pinadayag Versions. They were published in 1917, so they are presumably public domain, however the Pinadayag Version has a wholly revised version of the New Testament from a date I can't find, and Philippine copyright law puts copyright as the author's life plus 50 years, but with these being whole Bibles, some different precedent probably applies. If you still need to contact the publisher nonetheless, unfortunately it is now being published by, still, the Philippine Bible Society. I've retrieved this information from "Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL)" at

Bible: Cebuano ang Biblia, Bugna Version; Cebuano ang Biblia, Pinadayag Version

Published: 1917

Publisher: Philippine Bible Society

890 United Nations Avenue, 1000 Manila, Philippines


Trunk line: (632) 8526 7777

Direct lines:

Sales & Distribution: 8521 5803

Bible Engagement & Advocacy: 8524 5337

UN Bible House: (632) 8521 5792, (632) 8521 5785

Fax: (632) 8521 5788, (632) 8521 5803

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