Hi there Is it possible to have the Samoan Bible (SOV or SCNT ) translation into the easy worship program? Thanks, Julie Strickland

If you would like to submit a request for a Bible translation to be considered in EasyWorship, please complete the fields below for submission. Before submitting your request, please also take the time to read the pinned post at the top of the forum linked here: PLEASE READ BEFORE MAKING A REQUEST - Bible Development Pipeline Explained : EasyWorship to ensure that you understand the submission requirements.

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Hi there, Please see details as requested for the bibles we are interested in. These are the versions we read from YOU VERSION BIBLE APP that has 3 Samoan translations. Official Name:. 1. O LE TUSI PAIA 2. Samoan Contemporary New Testament 3. O LE TUSI PA'IA - Ekalesia Katoliko Roma Official Abbreviation: 1. SOV 2. SCNT 3. RSCB Publisher Name: Bible Society of the South Pacific in Fiji Publisher Website: These are so far the informations I can provide to help with the request and we would appreciate if it does happen even though it will take some time to process. Thank you so much for this and I pray and hope you get some good answers. Have a blessed day. Regards, Julie
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