NVI Request

Hi, we are looking for a specific bible translation in Spanish, which is NVI. The one it's already on EW is NVI-S which is fine, but is slightly different, like a simplified version, we need the traditional.

 Official Name: Nueva Version Internacional
 Official Abbreviation: NVI
 Publisher Name: Bíblica, Inc
 Publisher Website: https://www.biblica.com/bible/nvi/null/1/

Your request and information have been documented. Please be sure to review all of the information about how a new bible gets processed for inclusion with EasyWorship here: PLEASE READ BEFORE MAKING A REQUEST - Bible Development Pipeline Explained : EasyWorship Another way to help us gauge interest in a particular translation is by indicating you like the post. These votes help your request or other people's requests for the same bible get noticed. You will see the place to indicate that under an original post. You will not be able to like your own.

Hi! Is there any way we can get this version soon?

We really need it. It's been 6 months

We recommend reviewing the pinned post "Please Read Before Making a Request" To begin the process, we first moderate the bible to gauge the overall interest from our community. Once we have gathered the required level of community interest, we initiate the bible procurement process by reaching out to the publisher and providing an update on the forum. Subsequently, we await the publisher's response, seeking their approval and drafting a contract for use with EasyWorship. Once the contract is signed and the text is obtained, our developers carefully code it for seamless integration into the software. It is important to note that these initial steps can often span several months or even years.


Additionally, our development team is diligently working on implementing customer-requested features and enhancing the software. As these tasks take priority, it may lead to further delays in the request pipeline for new bibles.


We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this process.

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